We wait for those annual holidays all year long and feel like visiting a new country every time we get an off from our work. It is often perceived that going for camping or going abroad is the only source of joy during the holidays. The thing is we don’t bother exploring more options and, hence, we are stuck with those mainstream options like camping and hiking.

Little do we think about the not-so-talked-about options like taking a wine tour. Once you visit a winery, you would want to visit it over and over again. Australia has beautiful wineries that you should visit when you get the chance to. Needless to say, they are the perfect place for capturing the perfect social media photo.

Winery tours are great if you are looking to uplift your mood without going away from home for a week. It can be a nice, fun-filled, and informative trip.

Here is why we think you should go on a winery tour at least once in your life. Trust us, you wouldn’t regret a single bit.

  • Nothing Mainstream About It

We understand the feeling you get when you board a plane to your favorite holiday destination. But isn’t it something that majority of the people already do? Why not try something different this time for a change at least? Winery tours are very different like we mentioned above. It is a remarkable experience. Wineries are never overflowing with unwanted crowds and you get to taste wine straight from the winery. Above all, every winery is different from the other so you get to experience lots of diversity as well.

  • Stress-free Experience

We take days off from our work to get rid of the accumulated stress. However, we tend to get overwhelmed when we are stuck with visa processing, planning itineraries, etc. All of this does nothing, but consumes so much of our energy. Visiting a winery is an absolutely stress-free experience. There is least you have to worry about. Winery tours are generally private and tailored to your needs. Also, who doesn’t like to be in calm countryside areas?  

  • Wineries have Interesting Backstories

It is definitely worth visiting a place that has a story to tell. Most wineries were visited by famous writers and poets. They would go there and write some mind-blowing pieces. A lot of writers and poets from previous eras were wine lovers and it was a norm for them to visit wineries. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that there is some sort of sentimental value attached to wineries especially if it was frequently visited by your favorite writers.

  • Ideal for Introverts

Introverts often struggle to find the right place to hang out because they aren’t really a fan of large crowds. We strongly believe that winery tours were designed for the introverted souls. There is nothing that would make them anxious since everything is pretty calm around. Basically, it has the environment that they always yearn for.

Before you go, don’t forget to look for biodegradable wine bags. You must also make efforts to save the planet while you are out having fun. Also, you should wear sneakers for a comfortable experience