In the current time, we all tend to judge each other on our social media profiles and the way it looks. This is one reason why most of us are very conscious when it comes to the pictures we post on our social media accounts. We want them to be perfect and capture exactly what we want to show like your perfect makeup or the pretty dress you’re wearing.

These days, the focus in on the aesthetics, quality, and look of the photo as it seems to represent you to the world. This is why we have listed down a few tips that you can use to capture the perfect social media photo which will awe your audience. To learn from the professionals, take a look at video content productions in Melbourne.

  1. Phone’s camera lens

We believe the equipment that the picture is taken from is just as important as it determines the quality of the photo. We believe that you should either use a camera that has a powerful lens and has been kept with care, or use a professional camera if you can. This will make sure that the picture comes out in the highest definition, hence making it look good.

  • Tripod or mount

At times, you look so good and can get the best picture, however, your hand begins to shake which makes it a blurry disaster. This is why we believe that you should either find a mount for your phone or invest in a tri-pod as it would help you get excellent pictures from the angle you would want.

  • Timer feature

At times, you want to fix your pose, but by the time you do so, your camera has moved or your camera clicks. This could be annoying. This is why we suggest that you look into the timer feature of your phone. This would help you fix your pose and background before the picture is clicked. It would also help you explore the various angles.

  • Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important points in this list. This is because bad lighting could ruin the picture, and make it look too edited, dull, and just not as good as you would want. This is why we suggest that you use natural light like the sun or if you want to use artificial light, then make sure it compliments your look.

  • Angles

Experimenting with different angles will help you get uniqe and aesthetically pleasing photos. We usually know our angles and tend to take a picture in that same way. This then results in having similar photos on your feed. If you want to do something different, then by experimenting with new angles you could find something you like and would want to have on your feed.

  • Gridlines

By enabling the gridline feature, you could easily increase the quality of the photo as you would be using the rule of the thirds. This rule suggests that the focal point of the picture should be placed within the intersecting lines. This would enable you to take better pictures with just your phone.

  • Manual zoom

When you zoom into your smartphone even though you can see the item your zooming on it also leads to bad quality photos. To avoid bad quality and to get your picture in the best quality we suggest you to use the manual zoom feature rather than going closer.