There are many different types of shoe options available today such as kitten heels, flats, pumps, loafers, sandals and even sneakers, however, the wrong footwear can actually kill your whole look. Thus, it’s really important to choose your footwear according to the clothes you will be wearing. With such a large variety of shoes to choose from, it can be quite confusing to select the best pair for your outfit. You should choose those shoes that will compliment your outfit than shoes that will compete with it. The style of the shoe also plays an important role as different occasions call for different looks and you can’t simply wear the first pair of shoes that come to your mind.

There are different kinds of dresses for every occasion, such as maxi dresses are perfect for comfortable styling during the summers and a formal mini dress works best for night outs and other special occasions. Most people don’t get much time to go visit the mall to buy their clothes so they mostly end up buying their clothes online. If you are looking to attend a special event, then shop mini formal dresses online to find a large variety that includes new designs, colours and prints.

Here are some shoe ideas to wear with mini formal dresses:

  1. Kitten Heels

If you are looking for a fresh way to wear your kitten heels then pair them with your mini formal dress. Kitten heels are delicately styled shoes and most women who feel uncomfortable wearing high heels prefer buying these. The short heel makes them a more practical option but they still dress up your look.

  • Wedges

Make a stylish statement by wearing your favourite pair of wedges with your formal mini dress. Most people are sceptical about this look however it totally depends on your personal preference. A wedge heel is not only fashionable and versatile but looks great with nearly any length of the skirt.

  • Tall Boots

Choose to wear a pair of boots that are formal enough for the occasion. Tall boots have become a popular choice for shorter dresses and skirts, especially in cooler weather. However, a pair of thick chunky boots will not compliment your mini formal dress. Thus it’s really important to choose the right pair of boots. Brown and black are the most preferred colours as they go with every kind of outfit.

  • High Heeled Sandals

High Heel Sandals are a great option to wear with mini formal dresses; look for a pretty simple style and pair it with your dress. The colour of your heels should be based on the colour of the outfit you are wearing. But since you might own only one or two pairs of high heels sandals, it’s important that they’re versatile enough to work with several of your favourite colours.