Matching your clothes is great, but have you ever tried mixing colours? Well, if you have never tried to do so, then it’s high time because sometimes through mixing different coloured pieces you can actually end up creating some amazing outfits. This is where colour blocking comes in handy and for those who don’t know, colour blocking is basically a technique in which you pair an article of clothing with a colour on the opposite of the colour wheel. The ultimate goal of colour blocking is to create an aesthetically pleasing, colourful and bold outfit.

Whether you are wearing a birthday cocktail dress or a plain top, you can always use the technique of colour blocking to style in the best possible way. Now, to make it clear for you, we are going to jot down some of the basic rules of colour blocking:

Do take notes! Because this technique can do wonders to your outfit and style.

1-Always Avoid Prints

Colour blocking is about matching and mixing the outfit as a ‘whole’, you don’t have to wear something that calls other people to attend because that way you won’t be actually colour blocking. Always stick with solid colours and make sure to avoid prints if you are really being careful about the aesthetics.

2-Pick Two Colours Only

Don’t add too many colours or else you will look like a palette of a painter. Just stick with 2 to 3 colours at most if you want colour blocking to work just fine for you. Moreover, if you pick more colours, they will actually start working against each other which is something you need to avoid.

3-Stick to Neutrals

You need to mix one neutral colour and one bold colour. You can use colours like brown, grey, navy blue and white to block against the bright colours like yellow, green, red, etc.

4-Your “Whole” Look Matters

Colour blocking isn’t just about your pants or your shirt, in fact, it involves everything from your watch to your backpack to your shoes. You can even match everything.

5-Always stick to the same saturation

Let’s suppose you are wearing a very saturated piece of cloth. Now, in this case just make sure to continue that saturation of yours throughout the outfit. Or in other words you can say that you are supposed to keep the visual weight equal when you are wearing saturated colours.

These are some of the basic rules of colour blocking. Remember, if you really want to nail your colour blocking, then mix three colours together. Never opt for more than 3 colours or else you will end up messing your overall look.