Merging the athletic side of fashion with the more formal and dressed up the side of fashion has always been a trend that many designers and editors seem to love following. This is why it has now travelled down from the runways onto the streets. Anyone can wear shoes and sneakers together however to wear them in a new, innovative and exciting manner is the key factor here. Combining summer or winter dresses with comfortable sneakers will give you a chic and modern look which you can rock on the streets and at parties too.

  1. Party Dresses and Black and White Sneakers

Even though the combination sounds weird, wearing party dresses with sneakers will dress down the look for more casual wear and make you look fashionable. Party dresses are usually loud in colour; to tone them down and bring them to a casual look, pairing them up with black or white sneakers will create the perfect look you want to achieve. Choose mini dresses that are full of colour and patterns and pair them up with black or white sneakers for the perfect look. To find mini dresses in Australia, look no further because here you will find the perfect dress that is worth your money, will make you look fashionable and beautiful, and to top it all, is of great quality.

  • Lace and Sneakers

This may be the most unexpected combination of all time, as lace is considered very feminine and formal while sneakers are at the other end of the spectrum. However, if you were to combine the two, you would end up with a chic outfit to rock at lunch or at an evening hang out. Combining a white lace dress with peach sneakers or a red lace dress with sneakers is the perfect way to give your look the oomph it needs and to make it look fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

  • Satin and Sneakers

Many people would never pair a satin dress with sneakers. Satin is usually a type of fabric that is used for nightwear or loungewear. People do wear satin gowns and dresses now but pairing them with sneakers isn’t something very conventional. However, adding sneakers to the look will make it look like you’ve just come out of bed looking that fashionable and beautiful.

  • Puffed Sleeves and Sneakers

With structured dresses like puffy shoulders or padded shoulders, we usually wear heels. But, when you wear sneakers with those, you add a more casual element to the look, dressing it down for a lunch or a street look. It is one of those things that people do not expect to see together however when they do, they are pleased by the result of it and want to try it themselves. Many people like to go for a simple structured dress pairing it with colored sneakers to add more color and statement to the overall look.