Fashion trends keep changing from season to season and from year to year. With long hemmed pants, tight jeans – all these trends keep changing from time to time. At times, it gets hard to keep track of these trends and one can feel lost in the world of fashion. You do not need to worry because we have put together some of the fashion trends that will help you decide your looks for this year and make you look chic, modern and classy while looking like a walking fashion statement.

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  1. Bike shorts with Blazers

Athletic leisure is a trend when it comes to fashion. New trends relating to it keep emerging as people get into a healthy lifestyle more often. The newest trend in the market is bike shorts with blazers. The look offers a tailored and sportswear item which makes you look formal yet casual at the same time, giving a unique and new look.

  • Animal Prints

People have let animal prints take over the street straight from the runway. Fashion icons have been seen wearing animal printed shirts, pants, dresses and coats all over the street of the most fashionable cities in the world. This trend of animal prints seems to be timeless and it just keeps on going on.

  • Broiler Suits

Broiler suits are usually worn by those who do manual labour as a way of protecting themselves, however, not anymore. They have become a fashion statement, especially during fashion week. Fashion icons have been sporting this look all over, making it look modern, complementing it with accessories and belts.

  • Lavender Hues

The colour lavender has been in since last year. The previous year was all about pastels and this year is all about lavender. People have been seen lavender all over and the colour was heavily featured in fashion shows. People have been wearing shirts, pants, dresses and even coats in this colour and rocking them.

  • Puffed Shoulders

The new silhouette has been taking over. It is a minimalistic design that is usually used in shorts which makes you stand out and look classy and cool at the same time.

  • Modern Goth

People have been bringing their Goth phase back, but in a chic way. Many have been embracing back pieces and full black looks with statement accessories and classy makeup like red lips. It’s a flashback to the past, but in a good way.