Interior design, like any art and fashion, is a reflection of our present, and is evolving constantly, and we try to evolve with it. To design your home’s interior and to upgrade its style according to the latest fashion, you need to stay updated about what’s trendy and stylish. Read on to learn more.  

  • Eco-Chic styles

This style is all over the place, particularly in Australia, people are utilizing more wood, more jute, plants, vertical gardens, all of the green eco-friendly designs to make their homes lively and breathable, as a little bit of greenery helps elevate the entire place.

And people are leaning towards more sustainable materials in their homes to be kind to the environment and that’s why people are incorporating them into their living spaces.

  • Marble

Marble is being used almost everywhere this year. It is easy to install and the durability and reliability of this material is strong as well as it is easy to clean. Marbles can be used almost anywhere, whether it’s the floor of the kitchen or bathroom or walls of your house.

  • Velvet

Interior designers are using luxurious fabrics such as Velvet in their designs lately. People have started with building velvet couches, chairs, carpets and curtains and bags in older times. And now, velvet can be seen in almost every interior design, whether it is your house or an office. Velvet when used in vibrant colors, can really make the whole place come to life and it also ensures that the place looks as sophisticated and lavish as possible.

  • Quilting

The modern trend in making quilting from fabrication is all over 2020. People are making wall hangings made out of lavish fabrics because the good thing about using fabric is, it can incorporate all design styles, from traditional and modern to classical and contemporary, it is an easy-going material and never goes out of style. To get an idea of some cool, and popular choice of fabric art, check out here for art quilt.

  • Classic Blue Color: Color of 2020

This year’s color is Classic Blue. Blue is a very calm color. It can be seen in almost every interior design of this year. It is the color which brings self-reassurance to the viewer’s eyes as well as brings confidence in an environment. And the last time the blue hue used, was in 1999, so it’s good to have this color back in trend.

  • Wall Art Trend

If you are an art enthusiast, this trend is for you. Perfect framed prints, posters, and wall arts for your living space, kitchen decor or bathroom’s interior looks fascinating. For instance, inspirational quotes for your office to beautiful abstract art on your ceilings and walls would result in top notch outlook.

In Australia, people love art and to appreciate it, they use art in a variety of forms in their homes excessively. For instance, buying and putting up an expensive art collection on your walls will not only lift up any dull interior, but will also help in defining the personality of the homeowners.