Sending fresh flowers to your loved ones on a special occasion never goes out of fashion. Even today, people express their admiration with flowers. They certainly give you a fresh and loving feeling.

So, why not send flowers to your girlfriend on her birthday? Well, if you are thinking of doing just that, then keep your eyes open as ahead are some top tips for sending birthday flowers to your girlfriend.

Select The Package Wisely

When it comes to impressing your girlfriend, simple or casual should not be your focus. You need to focus on special and extraordinary attributes. After all, you would want your girl to feel special and the only one for you.

Therefore, while booking a bouquet, make sure that it comes with a beautiful package as presentation is not only important in work life but also in personal life. You can choose a glass vase package or send a little cupcake of her choice, and do not forget to attach a personal note with the flower to make her day delightful.

Attach A Personal Note

Who wouldn’t likea bouquet of flowers and that too with a loving note? Write down a romantic message on a card and attach it to the bouquet. Make sure to appreciate her and show care towards her. Writing down such notes adds a personal touch to the gift or flowers you give to your loved ones.

Consider Her Likes And Dislikes

As much as it’s important to jot down little things such as her favourite jewels, flowers etc., it’s equally important to write down the things she doesn’t like. Or, the least you can do is make a mental note of things she dislikes.

After all, the last thing you would want to do is send her the flowers that she clearly despises. Also, you can make quite an impression by attaching things that she likes. It indicates your thoughtfulness towards the person you love.

An Extra Little Gift Won’t Hurt

If you are not satisfied with the package you have selected, add a little something of your own. This means that you can attach a little gift to the bouquet. For instance, you can attach a luxurious pair of earrings, a box of chocolate or a bottle of champagne. Whatever you choose, make sure that it falls into the likes category of your girlfriend.

Bonus Tip

Never send anything to your loved ones that they do not like. Remember, you can gift your girlfriend something little of her liking filled with love, and she would love it. On the downside, if you give her something really extravagant or big but not of her choice, then all your efforts will go in vain. Also, do not forget to choose the best florist in Botanic Ridge because the quality matters.


So these are the tips that we really hope prove useful to you while sending birthday flowers to your girlfriend. Also, if you are unsure about the flowers, then you can ask for advice from the florist you choose. They have quite an experience in such cases, so they can help you select the flowers that are widely liked.