To have a glowing, bright, flawless skin is a dream of many of us. To transform this dream into reality, all one needs is regular intensive skincare routine. Anyone can have great skin—all it will take is time and commitment, and the right skincare products buy sensitive skin products with LA CLINICA.  Here are some top tips and skin care secrets practised by top models worldwide to maintain that flawlessly glowing skin

  1. Apply face mask: Application of a suitable face mask is important as it helps to clean pores and debris on skin layer. It also serves to brighten the skin tone and regenerate skin cells making your skin look all healthy. You can use charcoal mask, fuller earth mask, cucumber mask, honey mask or any other mask that suits your skin type.
  2. Use moisturizer: Remove your make up with a good milk cleanser and moisturizer. When your face is covered with layer of cosmetics, the inner skin layer gets thirsty and need hydration. Use a makeup wipe containing aloe Vera extract to remove the makeup and afterward apply milk cleanser and moisturizer to let the skin feel hydrated.
  3. Clear blemishes: Skin with acne and breakout can be treated with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is antibacterial and cleans out pores full or debris. Apply tea tree oil daily to keep your skin blemish free.
  4. Oils – a one-in-all solution: Walking in heat or sun for long hours could lead to dry and broken skin. Apply coconut oil, olive oil or shea-butter on your face regularly to keep your skin soft and moisturized. Also make sure you wash your face with lukewarm water to avoid dryness.
  5. Icing: Icing your face at night can lead to tightening up the skin and also helps blood circulate faster. Just wrap some ice in a cloth or use an ice bag to soothe the face or splash your face with some icy water. 
  6. Small workouts: Set an exercise routine to keep blood circulation faster. It gives you a glowing and younger-looking skin. Your body metabolism rate increases with adequate workouts making your skin cell to regenerate and skin to look healthy. It boosts blood circulation and helps in keeping the skin firm.
  7. Steam open pores: Use home facial steam method. Take a hot water bowl and mint tea and cover a towel over your head and breath in it. This process opens up pores of skin and let the skin breath properly.
  8. Regular Exfoliation: Exfoliating your skin on daily basis remove dead cell and lead skin to breathe. Exfoliation is a must for healthy skin.  You should regularly wash and cleanse your skin to remove debris from skin layer.
  9. Hydrated body: You should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water daily to keep up the pH level of skin. Hyaluronic acid found in skin has the ability to keep water but as the aging process starts, it starts depleting causing dry and sagging skin. Therefore, it is necessary to consume eight glasses of water regularly to rejuvenate your skin.