When you think about an engagement ring, an automatic glimpse of a diamond ring flashes in front of your eyes. This happens because people have become habitual in seeing a diamond engagement ring. As a result,  they have stopped using their creative minds.

Now, think that diamond doesn’t exist for a while and then think of a ring with blue Sapphire. It looks serene, isn’t it?  Well, the best part is that diamonds do exist. You can choose the Sapphire stone as the centre one and further decorate the ring with little diamonds. If you are still convincing yourself about a Sapphire engagement ring, let us make it easier. Ahead are some of the reasons why Sapphire engagement rings have become a good alternative.

1.   Sapphire Rings Are Idiosyncratic

Almost everybody chooses a diamond ring as the engagement ring. So, if you are one of those who loves to break stereotypes, then you can proceed with a Sapphire engagement ring. Choosing it will indicate that your bond with your partner is unique. However, if you want to make the ring expensive, you can design your own ring with diamonds on the sideline.

2.   Sapphire Adds Royal Allure To The Engagement Ring

From the very beginning, people used to declare their love with the Sapphire stone only. Therefore, Sapphire has a history of love deceleration. Also, when Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana, he gave her an 18-carat Sapphire ring. Today, it is the most famous ring in the world. So, this gemstone certainly has a royal charm in it. 

3.   After Diamonds, Sapphires Are The Hardest Gem

There is no doubt that the composition of a diamond is such that it is the hardest gemstone. While Sapphire cannot beat that because of its natural composition, it can certainly be a second to diamond in terms of hardness. So, you can consider this beautiful gem for the engagement ring without worrying about its toughness.

4.   They Are Affordable Yet Unique

Nothing can look more unique and serene than a pure blue Sapphire ring. Once you look at it, you can’t take your eyes off of it. That’s just the beauty of Sapphire. However, apart from blue, it does come in other colours such as yellow, green, or purple apart from blue.

Thus, you can match your outfits with the ring too. And, you get all these perks at a reasonable price. Also, if you wish to go on a more expensive side, then you can always choose the nuggets Sapphire ring and accompany the stone with tiny diamonds. 

5.   A True Blue Colour Signifies The Purity Of The Promise

Each gemstone signifies something. The diamond represents love, strength and health. Bur, Sapphire has an entirely different meaning to it. It used to signify the height of celestial faith and hope in ancient and medieval times. Therefore, by offering a Sapphire ring to your other half, you promise to be with them in this life and the afterlife. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the reasons why you should choose Sapphire engagement rings instead of the typical diamond rings. So, if you want to purchase or check the Sapphire rings, you can find some of the best Sapphire rings with PurpleMay Jewellery here. Go ahead and choose the best ring for your other half!