Your wedding is drawing near. Planning a wedding can take its toll. You are scrambling to take care of the décor or to find the wedding dress online in Australia. However, you need to get your beauty sleep if you want that wedding glow. Sleep routines are bound to be haphazard during one of the most stressful periods of your life as a couple. Even so, regular sleep is necessary for your mental and physical health. Sleep will also make the wedding experience more enjoyable. You will be able to have more energy and have reduced mood swings and stress. Your eating patterns can be regulated through a proper sleep schedule. You will be able to cherish the time you spend with your spouse and your family if your mood is regulated through sleep.  Lack of sleep can often trigger low moods or exacerbate underlying mental health conditions.

So how does one get some shut eye before a wedding?

1.   Be active

You can induce a regular sleeping pattern through regular exercise or other physical activities. You can go to the gym, jog or walk in the evenings for around half an hour. You can do an aerobics or Zumba routine to tire yourself out. You can even choreograph dance routines for your wedding! Physical activity like dancing can be incredibly rewarding as it can bring your family and friends closer and make you tired enough for a bed.

2.   Have a balanced diet

If you want to have a healthier sleep cycle, you may want to ensure you are taking in less caffeine and sugary foods. A healthier diet is recommended because sugary foods and caffeine can throw off your body’s sleep patterns. 

3. Get off your phone

Don’t use your phone in the evening before bedtime, even if you are scrolling frantically through sites to plan the perfect wedding. Turn off all gadgets because they emit light that can suppress hormones that regulate sleep. Ensure that your screen time is limited in the evening and is completely non-existent at your bedtime.  

4. Yoga and relaxation

Basic yoga poses can help regulate mood and relieve stress in a body. You can follow tutorials on the internet to help you relieve stress that is keeping you awake. Mindfulness and meditation can also be beneficial in similar circumstances. You should take out the time in the evening to meditate, perhaps even with your partner to create a spiritual connection.

5. Have a regular sleep routine

Try to sleep regularly and for an adequate amount of time. This may be easier said than done, however, there are certain measures you can take to ensure 6-8 hours of sleep. You should set a proper bed time and bedtime routine. Ensure you are home at this time and getting ready for bed by doing a night time skin care routine, yoga or exercise. Turn off all electronics and settle into bed at the time allocated for sleep. Make sure you follow the sleep schedule continuously through the pre-wedding chaos.